WA State Legislator Accused of Domestic Terrorism, Remains Defiant

WA State Legislator Accused of Domestic Terrorism, Remains Defiant December 24, 2019

I’ve written before about Matt Shea, who may be the most extremist state legislator in the country. The Washington legislature commissioned an independent investigation into his views and actions. That report concludes that Shea helped plan the takeover of a wildlife preserve in Oregon, deemed an act of domestic terrorism, and advocates the violent overthrow of the government and its replacement by a Biblical theocracy.

A report produced for the Washington state legislature found state Rep. Matthew Shea (R) “participated in an act of domestic terrorism against the United States” and represents a threat of political violence.

The report also said Shea “advocated the replacement of U.S. democracy with a theocracy and the killing of all males who do not agree.”

The Spokane Spokesman-Review reports Republicans expelled Shea from their caucus.

A year ago a document he wrote called Biblical Basis for War was leaked that spells out his theocratic views the and violent actions necessary to establish that theocracy.

In his “Biblical Basis for War” manifesto that was leaked last week, he lays out an expectation that others surrender to biblical obedience, including an end to abortion and marriage for same-sex couples…

While the document is peppered with some Old Testament citations, it also speaks to many modern day aspects of war and politics. Under a section listing “Rules of War,” it dictates that an offer of peace must be made before declaring war, but no negotiation or compromise is acceptable. Only a surrender “on terms of justice and righteousness” is acceptable, which includes stopping all abortions, no same-sex marriage, no idolatry or occultism, no communism, and an obedience to Biblical law. “If they do not yield — kill all males,” it states.

The document also defines a tyrant as “someone who rules without God,” explaining that tyranny is not a lawful form of government. “Assassination to remove tyrants is just, not murder,” it states…

Shea is a clear and present danger to the country. Both the document he wrote and the report from the state legislature have been sent to the FBI for a serious investigation. I hope he is under constant surveillance because he is exactly the kind of person most likely to set off bombs or shoot up a public place. He needs to be watched very closely.

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