Congressman Says Jesus Was Treated Better than Trump

Congressman Says Jesus Was Treated Better than Trump December 26, 2019

While many Republicans, and Trump himself, absurdly compared his impeachment to the Salem witch trials, Rep. Barry Loudermilk went even further and compared Trump to Jesus, falsely claiming that Pontius Pilate afforded Jesus more due process than the House Democrats have granted to Trump.

Credit to Nick Youngson

Republicans, in particular, have set about comparing Trump’s impeachment to all manner of historical atrocities. Trump got the ball rolling Tuesday by comparing his treatment unfavorably with the Salem witch trials. “More due process was afforded to those accused in the Salem Witch Trials,” he wrote.

But his GOP colleagues believed they had some even better comparisons.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.) decided that Trump was denied even the feeble due process that Pontius Pilate granted Jesus before his crucifixion.

“When Jesus was falsely accused of treason, Pontius Pilate gave Jesus the opportunity to face his accusers,” Loudermilk said. “During that sham trial, Pontius Pilate afforded more rights to Jesus than Democrats have afforded this president in this process.”

Trump was invited several times to testify before the impeachment inquiry, or send his attorneys to represent and defend him. Republicans on the committee could cross examine all the witnesses, and they did so, while pretending they couldn’t. No, the original whistleblower did not testify in person, but he invited them to send him written questions, which he would answer while under oath. Protecting his anonymity is very important given many death threats sent even to his lawyers and Trump’s penchant for retaliation against anyone who threatens him.

And as they’ve pointed all along, he only had secondhand information. But the Inspector General for the intel community interviewed several officials with firsthand knowledge of the Ukraine call and he found their testimony to be true and an urgent matter. So all these claims about a lack of due process are laughably false.

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