Taylor: Trump Must Make Big Arrest Soon or Followers Will Take Vigilante Justice

Taylor: Trump Must Make Big Arrest Soon or Followers Will Take Vigilante Justice December 27, 2019

Firefighter turned con artist and Q Anon advocate Mark Taylor has, like most Q Anon followers, been predicting that Trump would round up thousands of liberals, all of whom are pedophiles, and throw them in jail (or better yet, execute them). And he says if Trump doesn’t make at least one arrest soon, “patriots” will start taking matters into their own hands.

Taylor, an ardent follower of the QAnon conspiracy theory, has been predicting for years that Trump will unleash a wave of arrests and put on trial thousands of high-level cannibalistic satanic pedophiles, allegedly including even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Lately, Taylor has begun to warn that right-wing activists are growing restless and will begin to take matters into their own hands if such arrests don’t happen soon…

“If they wait too long, this is what is going to end up happening if we’re not careful is that you will see some civil unrest,” Taylor said, “because patriots are tired of it. They’re not going to put up with it any more.”

“I’m around the gun community,” he added. “I hear the talk. This talk is beginning to escalate, like the militia-type stuff. They’re getting ready to take up arms and to take things into their own hands if they don’t see something happen. So this is why I’ve been saying they have got to make at least one high-profile arrest. Perp walk the son of a gun, whoever it is. I don’t care who it is, perp walk ’em in handcuffs on national television to set the stage and to let people know, ‘Yes, we are very serious about justice.’”

They certainly have a weird idea of justice, to say the least. He’s basically saying that if Trump doesn’t arrest someone and charge them with crimes for which there is no evidence, his right-wing pals will start killing people they don’t like. That’s not justice, it’s madness.

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