Most Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Ever: Incel Genocide

Most Hilarious Conspiracy Theory Ever: Incel Genocide December 29, 2019

David Futrelle highlights a hilarious conspiracy invented by a commenter on an incel website (incels, you may recall, are “beta males” who complain endlessly that woman won’t sleep with them). The theory is that the government is trying to eradicate beta males by not funding “looksmaxing” surgery that would fool women into sleeping with them.

[T]hey are not opting for [mass murder] yet because the problem is still solvable by a more subtle approach, which is eradicating beta genes from the genepool.

[T]o accomplish this they have given women all the power in the world. Governments have know all along that women are hypergamous in nature and they will never breed with a beta male. So by giving them the power, they are making sure that the process of mate selection strictly resides in their hands.

Recall that incels generally favor the government forcing women to have sex with them.

The reason why governments won’t fund looksmaxing surgeries is because if we get it, we’ll be as good as Chads and foids won’t be able to spot the difference between us and natural Chads. And if some foid mistakenly bred with us our subhuman genes won’t be exterminated from the genepool, which is not what the government wants…

[I]f some rich beta does gets a looksmaxing surgery, the government has a backup plan too, which is vaccination. Our genes are not strong enough to resist the side effects of vaccines that is autism but Chad’s powerful genes can easily resist it. Vaccines are strictly designed to harm betas, not foids and Chads. That’s why the government funds vaccination programs so that we become autistic and foids could easily spot that we are subhumans and refrain from breeding with us…

Its a very big conspiracy against us and we are losing every battle and in a couple hundred years we’ll loose the whole war. Betas of the future generation will be slaves to foids and they will be forced to work in sewers and land mines until they succumb to their deaths. The cost of evolution of mankind into a more intelligent and powerful species will be paid in our blood.

Bear in mind: He’s serious. This isnot a parody, he actually believes it. That makes it all the more hilarious.

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