Trump to Give Guidance to Schools on ‘Constitutional Prayer’

Trump to Give Guidance to Schools on ‘Constitutional Prayer’ January 14, 2020

In rather frightening news, the Trump White House is scheduled on Thursday to release guidelines for what it is calling “constitutional prayer” to public schools. Given his ignorance of Constitutional law, his employment of Jay Sekulow as his personal lawyer, and his fealty to the Christian right, those guidelines will inevitably be wrongheaded.

Credit to Chris Phan:

President Donald Trump plans to introduce new guidance for expanding “constitutional prayer” in public schools.

According to CBS News broadcaster Steven Portnoy, Trump’s schedule for Thursday includes an announcement about “guidance on constitutional prayer in public schools.”

The details of Trump’s guidance were not immediately available but the president is on record suggesting that he wants to expand prayer in public schools under the guise of First Amendment rights.

I don’t think we need to see this guidance in order to accurately predict that they will be blatantly unconstitutional. They couldn’t possibly be otherwise. They will be packaged as protecting student’s rights, but they will do the exact opposite by forcing students to sit through others praying — Christians only, of course. Let a student propose Muslim prayers and you’ll quickly find out the real purpose of this guidance. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my socks.

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