Eric Trump Says They Went ‘Out of Business’ When His Dad Got Elected

Eric Trump Says They Went ‘Out of Business’ When His Dad Got Elected January 19, 2020

The notion that Eric Trump, of all people, would accuse anyone else of trying to profit from political office can only prompt a big ol’ gut laugh. But he went totally off the deep end when he told Laura Ingraham that the Trump family went “out of business” when dad was elected president so they wouldn’t profit from it.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Eric, you’ve made all of the money, and then your family went into politics, not you, but these folks are doing it the other way around. They had no money, they went into politics, and then their family members cashed in.

ERIC TRUMP: It’s kind of interesting how that works. They all get into business when their father becomes vice president, or their brother becomes vice president. We get out of business when our father becomes — it’s kind of interesting, but for the Bidens, this is a business.

Coincidentally, he was identified on the program as the Executive Vice-President of the Trump Organization, which apparently doesn’t do anything anymore. He really is the family dunce.

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