White Supremacists Really Want Kobach to Win Senate Seat

White Supremacists Really Want Kobach to Win Senate Seat January 21, 2020

Even the Republican party recognizes that Kris Kobach has disturbing ties to white supremacists, who love his hard anti-immigration stance. To reinforce that, the show Fash the Nation, an openly white supremacist show, talked about how important they think it is that Kobach win the Senate seat now that Mike Pompeo decided not to tun for the seat.

“It benefits us, and it benefits the American people, because if he actually does end up being nominated and ends up being elected to the Senate—somebody who actually does have the interest of the people, the actual people, of the United States at heart in terms of dealing with immigration—and if [Republicans] tank, then it just demonstrates in an undeniable way that our narratives on this are correct and that these people will do anything—anything—to avoid even the possibility of making things better for us legacy white Americans,” Ethnarch said…

“And the important thing about this election, too, is that being a 2020 Senate election, he would not be up for election again until 2026. And no matter what happened to Trump, or what happens to Trump in 2020, if Kobach is to win this seat, he’s going to be in office longer than Trump is. With everything we know has happened in the Trump administration and their position on immigration, the total cave that we’ve witnessed and covered in real-time, having somebody like Kobach in the upper house, in a position of power, as an anti-immigration, as an immigration restrictionist leader, that would be immensely powerful going forward,” Allsup said. “And Kobach is someone who we believe to be—this is just based on what we’ve seen in the media and what we’ve read—we get the impression that he is someone who is ideologically motivated and he is someone who is not going to be swayed at the flip of a coin like Trump is on immigration.”

“Having someone like him as a senator, that would be extremely powerful,” Allsup said.

Kobach, the former Kansas Secretary of State known for his anti-immigration preferences and his false claims of massive voter fraudto justify voter suppression efforts that would primarily affect racial minorities, already lost a race for governor of that state. We can only hope he loses this race too, either in the primary or the general election.

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