Michigan Senator Gets Second Sexual Harassment Accusation

Michigan Senator Gets Second Sexual Harassment Accusation January 23, 2020

Sen. Pete Lucido, one of the Republican leaders in the Michigan Senate, is now facing a second sexual harassment accusation, this time from a fellow Senator. A young female reporter already exposed him for telling her that she should go with a bunch of high school boys because they could “have a lot of fun with you.” Now the new accusation:


State Sen. Peter Lucido faces a new workplace sexual harassment complaint one week after a Capitol reporter alleged he made a sexist remark to her — this time from one of his female colleagues in the Michigan Senate.

Sen. Mallory McMorrow said Tuesday that she filed a sexual harassment complaint against Lucido with the Senate Business Office over an incident that occurred 14 months ago during an orientation day for new senators two days after the November 2018 election.

In an exclusive interview Monday with Crain’s, McMorrow said Lucido made a remark suggesting she defeated an incumbent Republican senator based on her looks while he held his hand on her lower back for an extended period of time that made her uncomfortable and made her feel unable to distance herself from Lucido.

The Senate has already launched an investigation into Lucido’s comments to the reporter, and hired an outside law firm to do that. I’m sure this will now be added to that investigation. Lucido’s punishment needs to be serious, not just something meaningless like censure. The Senate has the power to remove him from his seat, but with Republicans in charge that seems like a very remote possibility.

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