Sekulow Goes on Indignant Rant After Mishearing Statement

Sekulow Goes on Indignant Rant After Mishearing Statement January 23, 2020

A hilarious moment ensued during impeachment proceedings on Tuesday when Trump’s personal lawyer (and Pat Robertson lapdog) Jay Sekulow went on an angry, indignant rant in response to something said by Rep. Val Demings, a House impeachment manager. He heard her say “lawyer lawsuits” and for some reason that really set him off.

“And by the way — lawyer lawsuits?” Sekulow began. “Lawyer lawsuits? We’re talking about the impeachment of a president of the United States, duly elected, and the members — the managers are complaining about lawyer lawsuits? The Constitution allows lawyer lawsuits. It’s disrespecting the Constitution of the United States to even say that in this chamber — lawyer lawsuits.”

Sekulow added that it was “a dangerous moment for America when an impeachment of a president of the United States is being rushed through because of lawyer lawsuits. The Constitution allows it, if necessary. The Constitution demands it, if necessary.”

There was one problem: Sekulow was referring to a quote that doesn’t appear to exist. He appeared to have badly misunderstood what one of the Democratic impeachment managers said.

What she had said was “FOIA lawsuits.” She was making the argument that we should not rely on FOIA lawsuits to find out the truth of what happened. “FOIA lawsuits filed by third parties,” she said, “cannot serve as a credible alternative to congressional oversight.” So his self-righteous anger was based on his own poor hearing. Now here’s the totally predictable part. When asked about the incident, a White House spokesman doubled down, saying, “When you read the transcript, it says ‘lawyer lawsuit.'” That was a lie. The official transcript is the one prepared by the Federal Document Clearing House. It says “FOIA lawsuits,” not “lawyer lawsuits.” This is classic Trumpworld behavior — never, ever admit to making a mistake, no matter how ridiculous it makes you look.

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