Fox Anchor: How Can Democrats Get Away with Calling People Liars

Fox Anchor: How Can Democrats Get Away with Calling People Liars January 24, 2020

Fox News “straight news” anchor Ed Henry clutched his pearls in self-righteous outrage at the idea that the Democratic House managers have tried to point out when Repbublicans and Trump lawyers are lying. He wonders how they can get away with doing that and alleged liberal Leslie Marshall joined him in the hand-wringing.

ED HENRY (ANCHOR): And to Brad [Blakeman’s] point, Leslie, for your side, the chief justice is presumably trying to be fair here and evenhanded. And as Sandra [Smith] said, he was referring to both sides, perhaps. But it was your side, and Jerry Nadler in particular, who was saying the president team lies, lies, lies. How do you get away with that?

LESLIE MARSHALL (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, obviously they didn’t. I mean, and I think it was —

HENRY: But they did it for hours, I guess is my point.

MARSHALL: Yeah, well, the chief justice has control, and he should have done earlier. But this reminded me of almost a father scolding children, saying this isn’t a playground, take this seriously, remember your oath. And I think he did the right thing, quite frankly. And I don’t think that from either side — my side, you know, especially — that that is proper. I mean, there is a certain decorum, and the American people, those who stayed up, are watching this and need to see, you know, this process in play. This is very serious, and it’s not time to be name-calling. It’s time to just stick to the facts. And I would say that for both sides.

Oh for crying out loud. Pointing out a lie IS sticking to the facts. That they are often lying is undeniable. When Trump lawyer Pat Cippilone said that Republicans were not allowed in the secure room when the impeachment committee heard classified testimony, he was incontrovertibly lying. We have video of the Republican members of the committee entering the room. We have redacted transcripts showing them asking questions with equal time to the Democratic members. Cippilone was lying and that’s a fact, it isn’t name-calling. If decorum means not telling the truth, it’s a totally useless concept.

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