Dershowitz Calls Cooper, Toobin ‘Bullies’ for Pointing Out His Change of Opinion

Dershowitz Calls Cooper, Toobin ‘Bullies’ for Pointing Out His Change of Opinion January 25, 2020

Trump lawyer and defender Alan Dershowitz has totally flipped his position on whether impeachment requires an actual crime under the Constitution. In the 90s, he said it does not; today he says it does. On CNN, Anderson Cooper and Alan Toobin confronted him with that fact and he got all thin-skinned and called them bullies.

He got into one of his famous brawls on CNN on Monday night. Host Anderson Cooper and the network’s chief legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, confronted Dershowitz about his changed opinion. The resulting exchange wasn’t pretty.

“So you were wrong then,” Cooper said to Dershowitz.

“No, I wasn’t wrong. I have a more sophisticated basis for my argument,” he said, citing his research into the 1868 impeachment proceedings against President Andrew Johnson. “It’s very clear now that what you need is criminal-like behavior akin to bribery and treason.”…

“You were wrong,” Cooper told Dershowitz.

“I wasn’t wrong,” Dershowitz replied. “I am just far more correct now than I was then. … I think your viewers are entitled to hear my argument without two bullies jumping on everything I say.”

“Oh come on,” said a bemused Cooper.

Oh yes Alan, you’re the victim. My eyes just rolled so hard they bowled a strike. You were a freaking Harvard Law professor and you’re one of the most prominent appellate lawyers in the country and rather than giving a reasoned defense of your position, all you can do is whine about how terribly mistreated you are when people point out that you contradicted yourself? That’s just sad and pathetic.

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