Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Savage Attacks Hannity

Wingnut on Wingnut Crime: Savage Attacks Hannity January 29, 2020

Ooh, this is fun. Trump supporter Michael Savage is attacking fellow Trump supporter Sean Hannity, claiming the John Bolton revelation is his fault because he pushed Trump to hire Bolton as National Security Adviser, because Hannity is a “big dummy” who is uneducated and supported the war in Iraq, which Savage opposed.

MICHAEL SAVAGE (HOST): Bolton stabs Trump in the back. I told him to watch out. I told him do not hire him. I don’t care whether it’s in his book or not he’s a sneak, a bum, a mook. I didn’t like the guy I told you that. I didn’t like that he lied about the weapons of mass destruction. He got us into Iraq.

Alright, so Hannity pushed him on Trump. Hannity is the big guru — for some reason he loves Hannity. I can’t change that. I never say a word. He’s very loyal to the people that he likes and you don’t say a word. So Hannity pushed Bolton down his throat because Hannity is a big dummy.

He thinks he’s so smart. He’s just vicious and mean and he has the cartel behind him. But everyone in the business knows he’s terrified of the fact that he has no education and no discernment. They know that. The same story, over and over again, the same story. He pushed the walrus onto Trump. That’s what happened here.

I really hope Hannity responds and this turns into an all-out verbal war.

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