Howard-Browne: Jesus Would ‘Beat the Crap Out of’ Bolton

Howard-Browne: Jesus Would ‘Beat the Crap Out of’ Bolton January 31, 2020

Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne is a rather violent man. He’s so mad at John Bolton, who is “loyal to the deep state” and a “globalist sell-out,” that he wishes he’d beaten him up when he met him and that Jesus would “beat the crap out” of him. So what exactly is stopping him? He’s omnipotent, right? He could do it easily.

WWJD: he would have made a whip and beat the crap out of him!!!! �

— Rodney Howard-Browne (@rhowardbrowne) January 28, 2020

He deleted that last Tweet, apparently realizing how bad it made him look. But that’s okay; his true deity is Trump, not Jesus.

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