Wallnau: Bolton Book a Sign of ‘Demonic Battle’ Over Trump

Wallnau: Bolton Book a Sign of ‘Demonic Battle’ Over Trump February 5, 2020

Trump-loving theocrat and self-declared “prophet” Lance Wallnau is very upset that John Bolton might actually be saying something Trump doesn’t like. He says the fact that Bolton is publishing his book at all rather than being loyal to Trump is evidence that there’s a “demonic battle” going on in the nation’s capitol. It always comes down to demons, doesn’t it?

“This isn’t fair at all,” Wallnau said of the impeachment process. “This is a demonic battle over the minds of individuals in Washington, and Bolton failed that great test, to pass up the money and the opportunism with an offended ego and put principle above his own personal prosperity.” Discussing Bolton’s decision to publish his book, Wallnau said, “how cheap, how tawdry, how reprehensible, how sick.”…

Wallnau portrayed Bolton’s book as a betrayal and a “cash grab.” He said he had once been supportive of Bolton’s hiring and his reputation as “someone we could rely on,” someone with a sense of “mission and purpose and clarity.” But, Wallnau said, Trump made the mistake of bruising Bolton’s ego while pushing him out the door.

Wallnau attributed Bolton’s “betrayal” of Trump as a sign of “the same madness that happens to other people in the Beltway,” citing conservative columnist George Will’s advice to Democrats on how to defeat Trump. “Imagine the immense pressure of spiritual warfare in that center of power that is the city that has more global impact than any other city,” Wallnau said.

So that must mean that Bolton is being possessed by demons. We’ll have to get our old friend Gordon Klingenschmitt to identify the specific demon holding on to Bolton’s soul. I’m guessing it’s the demon of terrible mustaches. What else can you do but laugh about someone who thinks every disagreement is about some demonic war going on?

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