Kilmeade Thinks Nancy Pelosi is Too Emotional

Kilmeade Thinks Nancy Pelosi is Too Emotional February 8, 2020

The shameless double standards of Trump fans, particularly those on Fox News, was on glaring display by Brian Kilmeade, the second dumbest man on television, when he announced that Nancy Pelosi was being too emotional when responding publicly to the things Donald Trump has said about her and about impeachment and other matters.

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): I’m going to bring something else up. Compare Mitch McConnell — you could say the worst thing to Mitch McConnell, and if you’re Donald Trump, he’s said that they are — it doesn’t phase him. Everyone makes fun of him, “Well, he’s so blank.” He keeps his eye on the objective. Nancy Pelosi is letting the emotion get the best of her. And I don’t want to get into gender, it has nothing to do with gender —

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): No, please don’t.

KILMEADE: No, but I’m not getting into gender, but she is emotionally losing it in every public event.

Mind you, he said this after his buddy Trump got up at the National Prayer Breakfast and gloated shamelessly about beating the impeachment charges and insulted those who brought the charges. Meanwhile, Pelosi simply offered a prayer for peace and said later that she found Trump’s comments inappropriate. That’s too emotional for Kilmeade, but Trump holding a press conference to rail like a juvenile against anyone who caught his ire is just fine. Good thing it’s not about gender, eh?

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