The Incredible Cluelessness of E.W. Jackson

The Incredible Cluelessness of E.W. Jackson February 9, 2020

Nancy Pelosi apparently ripped up a copy of Trump’s State of the Union address text and the right has been absolutely losing their minds over it (of course, if Trump did that to an Obama SOTU speech, they’d go wild with praise and applause). E.W. Jackson provides a case study in the typical cluelessness of the right on this issue. Like so many others, he wants Pelosi arrested for it.

“Under federal statute, there is a $10,000 fine or three years in prison for destroying a historical federal document,” Jackson said. “If the Speaker of the House is not aware that she is violating the law by destroying a federal document, then she shouldn’t be Speaker of the House. I’m sure she’s well aware of it and decided to do it anyway because, after all, she’s too powerful for the law to matter to her.”

“She ought to be arrested,” he continued. “I’m serious, folks. I’m serious. She ought to be arrested. It’s a taxpayer funded document and she should have respected that enough not to simply destroy the thing. Now we find out that there actually is a federal law prohibiting the destruction of a federal historical document, so until these people start having the law applied to them like they apply to the rest of us, I think they are going to continue to act like they’re some sort of royalty, [like] special treatment is always in order for them, but the rest of us are just treated like the dregs of the earth.”

Okay, Mr. Jackson, have a seat while I explain something to you. There is a difference between destroying an original federal document and destroying a copy of one. If you were to get your hands on one of the original copies of the Constitution from the Smithsonian and destroy it, that would be criminal. But there are millions of copies of that document in the country and if, say, you burned one as part of a political protest, that is not the least bit criminal. This is not a difficult distinction to understand, so the fact that you don’t get it either means you’re really dumb or you’re being intentionally obtuse to push your agenda.

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