Roy Moore’s Christian Reconstructionist Views

Roy Moore’s Christian Reconstructionist Views February 10, 2020

Roy Moore, who is once again running for a Senate seat this year, did an interview with a local TV station and offered up his usual mashup of empty rhetoric about the courts “making law” and his Christian Reconstructionist views of the relationship between church and state (he thinks they’re one and the same thing).

“Congress has never been good on moral problems, if you will, and solving those moral problems is very simple,” Moore said. “You turn back to the God and the basis of religion upon which this nation was founded.” In answering a question about safety and security in the nation’s schools, he said, “Well, one thing they should do is teach the laws of God.”

As he interprets them, of course, which means the entire Old Testament Mosaic law is still in force and should be applied by the state.

When asked by the interviewer the things on which he would not compromise, Moore said, “I will not compromise on the acknowledgment of God. I think the courts started making law. This same-sex marriage is not a law made by our Constitution or by our legislature. It was made by courts. And courts have no business making law.”

*Yawn* Just a meaningless platitude we’ve heard a million times. Moore stands almost no chance of winning the Republican primary. Former Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions is almost certain to regain hos old seat and return to the Senate.

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