Trump Lies About Support for Stop and Frisk

Trump Lies About Support for Stop and Frisk February 14, 2020

Donald Trump, racist that he is, has always been a supporter of New York City’s stop and frisk program instituted under Rudy Giuliani and continued under Michael Bloomberg. Until Bloomberg decided to run against him, that is. Now suddenly he didn’t support it, because reality is whatever he declares it ti be at any given moment. And of course, he’s lying through his fake teeth about it.

According to CNN fact checker Daniel Dale, Trump told Geraldo Rivera that he supported stop-and-frisk under Giuliani’s administration because it was only used “sparingly” at the time, whereas Bloomberg used it much more frequently.

While it’s true that Bloomberg increased the use of stop and frisk during his tenure, it’s also true that Trump was still an enthusiastic proponent of the policy while Bloomberg was still mayor of the city…

“If Stop & Frisk is struck down by the pandering NYC politicians, increases in crime & eventual terrorist attacks will be on them,” Trump wrote in a tweet from August 2013.

“Chicago is a shooting disaster — they should immediately go to STOP AND FRISK,” Trump wrote in another tweet.

“NY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has done a top job keeping NYC safe,” he wrote in another. “Stop & Frisk has been a critical tool for the NYPD.”

Of course he supports stop and frisk. Why would anyone possibly expect otherwise?

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