Another Teacher Who Needs to Be Fired Immediately

Another Teacher Who Needs to Be Fired Immediately February 16, 2020

In a Chicago school they held an assembly to celebrate Latino heritage and two students, one Latina and one African-American, protested racial injustice by refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. But one teacher reinforced their point by telling the Latina girl to go back to her country and questioning whether the black student whether she got free school lunches.

A group of students, who thought the request unusual, decided to remain seated. It was a silent but recognizable condemnation of racial injustice. Yet, before the anthem had even ended, they said, their demonstration made them the target of just the sort of discrimination they were protesting.

When one student — a Latina and U.S. citizen — refused a teacher’s pointed direction to stand, she said he replied with an infamously racist line: “Go back to your country.” The same teacher turned to a black student, who was also sitting down, and asked whether she was part of the public school system’s free and reduced lunch program, telling her she should stand for the people who have died for the country, the students said.

They were then told to leave the assembly.

The teacher has been suspended pending a full investigation, but several other students witnessed it as well. This teacher should be fired and never allowed to teach anywhere ever again.

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