Wiles: Zionists Using Transgenderism to Conquer Gentiles, Rule the World

Wiles: Zionists Using Transgenderism to Conquer Gentiles, Rule the World February 17, 2020

Vicious anti-Semits Rick Wiles welcomes two messianic Jews (i.e. Christians) on his TruNews show last week and they all agreed that those evil Zionists are using transgenderism to make everyone androgynous so they could conquer the gentiles and steal their money. It’s not clear how exactly being androgynous would do that, but facts and logic are in short supply here.

“They want to rule the world,” Jana Ben-Nun said of the Jews. “They want to get Gentile riches, and they want to rule the Gentiles. They don’t consider Gentiles [to be] fully human beings. In fact, as an end game, they have this strange doctrine: the Adam Kadmon doctrine. Adam Kadmon was, originally, according to the Zohar and the Talmud, he was androgynous; Adam, he wasn’t male or female, he was male and female in one body, and this is why you see this transgender agenda today.”

“Is Zionism behind the transgender movement?” Wiles asked.

“Yes,” Ben-Nun replied. “It gets its origin in Zionism, and it gets its origin in the Talmud, Zohar, and Kabbalah. It’s a Kabbalahistic doctrine of Adam Kadmon. They have this doctrine called Tikkun Olam—repairing the world—so how do they want to repair the world? They want to bring it to the original. Who was original? Adam. He was androgynous. So now they’re putting specific things in food, in drink, and basically their end game is to make humans on Earth that will survive—whatever it is they are bringing—androgynous.”

“What they are really trying to do is undo God’s creation,” Wiles said. “They are at odds with the Creator.”

*scratches head* So they make everyone androgynous and then magically all the gentiles’ money floats away and into their bank accounts? And they suddenly rule the world? Okey dokey.

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