Suddenly Trump Admits Sending Rudy to Ukraine

Suddenly Trump Admits Sending Rudy to Ukraine February 18, 2020

We have yet another example of Trump just suddenly changing his entire story and inventing a new reality (or in this case, admitting what we already knew was true). In an interview with Geraldo Rivera, he totally changed his story and admitted that he sent Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine after months of denying it and claiming that Rudy acted of his own accord.

Volodymyr Zelensky presidential inauguration‎, 20th May 2019; credit to Ukrainian government.

The reversal came Thursday in a podcast interview Trump did with journalist Geraldo Rivera, who asked, “Was it strange to send Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine, your personal lawyer? Are you sorry you did that?” Trump responded, “No, not at all,” and praised Giuliani’s role as a “crime fighter.”

“Here’s my choice: I deal with the Comeys of the world, or I deal with Rudy,” Trump said, referring to former FBI Director James Comey. Trump explained that he has “a very bad taste” of the US intelligence community, because of the Russia investigation, so he turned to Giuliani.

“So when you tell me, why did I use Rudy, and one of the things about Rudy, number one, he was the best prosecutor, you know, one of the best prosecutors, and the best mayor,” Trump said. “But also, other presidents had them. FDR had a lawyer who was practically, you know, was totally involved with government. Eisenhower had a lawyer. They all had lawyers.”

Trump had previously denied that he sent Giuliani to Ukraine. Asked in November if he directed Giuliani to “do anything” in Ukraine, Trump said, “No, I didn’t direct him,” but went on to call Giuliani a “great corruption fighter.”

Not that anyone actually believed those denials, of course. Were we seriously to believe that Rudy decided on hid own to go to Ukraine and initiate high-level discussions with the president of that country and demand that they they restart an investigation in order to get a White House meeting with Trump and hundreds of millions in badly needed military aid? You’d have to be a special kind of stupid to believe that.

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