Now Bernstein Gets White House Press Credentials

Now Bernstein Gets White House Press Credentials February 19, 2020

Rick Wiles isn’t the only far-right extremist getting White House press credentials to cover events. Now Josh Bernstein, one of the most extreme and fascist Trump supporters around, has been granted credentials to cover a campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona. He announced it on his internet show.

“‘The Josh Bernstein Show’ is going to the Trump rally,” he announced on his show. “We have some passes, some media credentials from the White House.”

Bernstein is a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist who has repeatedly used his YouTube program to threaten violence and call for those who dare to oppose Trump to be tortured, charged with treason, and executed…

He has urged Trump to “become a dictator for patriotism,” to shut down critical media operations, and to arrest the heads of social media companies for supposedly discriminating against conservatives. Bernstein vowed to use “all means necessary” to fight this supposed censorship.

Like Wiles, in no other White House would the idea of giving Bernstein press credentials be viewed with anything but laughter. Only under Trump is it even thinkable.

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