Trump ‘Strongly’ Received Copeland’s Prayer

Trump ‘Strongly’ Received Copeland’s Prayer February 20, 2020

TV evangelist con artist Kenneth Copeland has joined many of his colleagues at the White House and laid hands on Trump, who they consider to be anointed by God to be president. But during the campaign they went to New York to meet with him and one of his employees told the story of how he “received” Copeland’s prayer for him “strongly.” Whatever that means.

Credit: Nick Youngson.

At one point, panelist Jim Talbot explained that while he did not initially support Trump in the 2016 election, he became convinced that Trump was the real deal after speaking with Kenneth Copeland’s son, John.

“I was at a meeting with John,” Talbot said. “I was a [Ted] Cruz guy, and I was saying, ‘I don’t know about this Trump guy.’ John Copeland said to me, ‘Jim, I’m going to tell you something.’ He said, ‘When we went to New York and prayed for Trump; dad, when he lays hands on somebody, he can always tell if they receive it or they reject it.’ He told me—this is John Copeland—he said, ‘Dad told me when [he] laid hands on Trump, he received it stronger than anybody he had ever prayed for.’”

“That changed my whole attitude about him,” Talbot added. “The man is real.”

What does that even mean? How does one receive a prayer strongly? How is that strength measured? Stupidity per square inch? This is just gibberish.

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