Judge Rules Migrant Detention Facility Violates Human Rights

Judge Rules Migrant Detention Facility Violates Human Rights February 21, 2020

A federal judge has ruled that a migrant detention facility in Tucson, Arizona is unfit for human needs due to a wide range of unsanitary and barbaric conditions. Immigrants held there have been forced to sleep in bathroom stalls due to overcrowding and that conditions in general were “unsanitary and degrading.”

Credit for the photo to Takver: https://www.flickr.com/photos/takver/

federal judge in Arizona has ruled that Border Patrol facilities in the Tucson sector deprive migrants of “basic human needs,” saying the conditions at the temporary detention facilities are “substantially worse” than those in jails or prisons and violate the Constitution.

Overcrowding was at times so severe, U.S. District Judge David C. Bury found, that migrants were forced to sleep on the floor in bathrooms and in toilet stalls.

The Wednesday ruling permanently enjoins U.S. Customs and Border Protection from detaining migrants in holding cells at its Tucson sector stations for longer than 48 hours — “unless CBP can provide conditions of confinement that meet detainees’ basic human needs.”

That means migrants staying any longer than two days must be provided a variety of things they have not been getting: sleep free from constant disruption, in a real bed with a blanket; nutritious food; access to a shower; and a medical assessment by a medical professional…

“Regardless of whether a detainee is sleeping on a mat or directly on the concrete floor, being forced to sleep in a toilet area due to overcrowding offends the notions of common decency,” Bury, a George W. Bush appointee in the District of Arizona, wrote in the 40-page order. “It is unsanitary and degrading for all detainees who either have to sleep in the toilet area or try to use the toilet when others are sleeping there.”

Unfortunately, a wide range of evidence suggests that conditions at other detention facilities are not significantly different than here in Tucson. The treatment of immigrants and refugees arrested at the border has been nothing less than barbaric and it’s worth keeping in mind that this is intentional by Trump. He has said many times that he wants them to be treated very harshly as a deterrent to others from coming here. That doesn’t work, of course, but that’s what he believes. Morality and human rights never factor into his policies.

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