Mulvaney’s Hypocrisy on Republican Hypocrisy

Mulvaney’s Hypocrisy on Republican Hypocrisy February 21, 2020

White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney spoke to the Oxford Union and he rightly pointed out the hypocrisy that Republicans are only concerned about deficit spending when a Democrat is in office. But he displayed his own hypocrisy on the issue by excusing away Trump’s own disinterest in fiscal responsibility when he’s been the reason the deficit has exploded the last three years.

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said Wednesday night that the Republican Party is hypocritical when it comes to deficits, according to audio of an overseas speech obtained by The Washington Post.

“My party is very interested in deficits when there is a Democrat in the White House. The worst thing in the whole world is deficits when Barack Obama was the president. Then Donald Trump became president, and we’re a lot less interested as a party,” Mulvaney said at the Oxford Union to a group of several hundred people.

Mulvaney, who ran the Office of Management and Budget before taking the acting chief of staff role, said he found the growing deficit — which reached almost $1 trillion in 2019, soaring in the Trump era – “extraordinarily disturbing” but that neither party, nor voters, cared much about it. Republicans, he said, were “evolving” since Trump became president.

LOL. They aren’t evolving. They’ll be back to screaming about deficits as soon as a Democrat is in the White House. And where’s any mention of Trump’s role in any of this? He couldn’t care less about deficits. His tax cuts and spending increases are the reason why the deficit has ballooned enormously. His proposed budgets have actually been higher than the ones Congress has actually passed. This is primarily his fault, but Mulvaney fails to mention any of that.

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