Carlson: Roger Stone Arrest Means Any Trump Voter Can Be Charged

Carlson: Roger Stone Arrest Means Any Trump Voter Can Be Charged February 24, 2020

Tucker Carlson presumes that his audience is full of idiots — a safe assumption, of course — when he makes the argument that the arrest and conviction of Roger Stone means that anyone who votes for Trump can be similarly arrested and charged. Or perhaps Carlson is an idiot himself if he actually believes that.

TUCKER CARLSON: Enough. This farce must end. Apparently there are people around the president telling him not to pardon Roger Stone or to wait until after the election. No. The president must pardon Stone immediately. Trump’s voters know that at some point they could be where Roger Stone is right now. This is a horrifying precedent for everyone and it cannot be allowed to stand.

I suppose if every Trump voter interfered in an election, lied to Congress and threatened a witness, that might be true. Facts — how do they work? This just so perfectly feeds the persecution complex that so many Trump voters display.

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