Trump Court Nominee Wants Social Security, Several Federal Agencies Abolished

Trump Court Nominee Wants Social Security, Several Federal Agencies Abolished February 28, 2020

Trump’s record of nominating right-wing cranks to the federal bench continues with Stephen Schwartz, who is nominated for a seat on the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which hears private suits for monetary damages against the federal government. Schwartz believes that Social Security and several federal agencies are unconstitutional and should be abolished.

A Trump nominee to serve on a court that hears claims against the government once argued that several federal agencies should be eliminated and that Social Security should be abolished because economic disparity “is a natural aspect of the human condition.”

Stephen Schwartz, nominated to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, spelled those ideas out 15 years ago in a student newspaper as an undergraduate at Yale. Schwartz wrote that the departments of Transportation, Agriculture and Education lack a “constitutional basis,” and that Social Security benefits were intended to prevent “outright starvation” but had become a “standard component of most retirement programs.”

In the years since, the view that federal government powers should be sharply curtailed has been central to his legal work. Schwartz, 36, has recently worked as a lawyer on controversial efforts that would have severely restricted the voting rights of African Americans in North Carolina and bathroom rights of transgender students in Virginia.

So just another right-wing crackpot who wants to turn back the clock to the early 1800s. And with Republicans in control of the Senate, he’s all but certain to be confirmed. Who knows what damage he can do on that court.

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