NC School Board Candidate Makes Racist Statement About Rival

NC School Board Candidate Makes Racist Statement About Rival March 11, 2020

A Republican candidate for a school board in North Carolina is being urged to drop out of the race after a social media posting about a rival candidate, the former head of the local NAACP, that included him calling the man the leader of the “ignorant darkies.” But of course, he’s the real victim here because he was fired by the Christian school he worked for.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Eric Whitfield is on the November ballot for the Onslow County School Board. But after a Facebook post using a “controversial term” for African-Americans, while attacking the former head of the local NAACP, he is now being pressured to drop out.

“White conservatives love to see black successful men. The white conservative is the real national Association (sic) for the advancement of colored people! Conservatives love, absolutely love, voting for a successful black man. I am sorry that Mark Robinson is not under your control. I hope you get to feeling better about that,” Whitfield first posted according to screen captures.

“If you know Al, then you know the answer. He controls all of the ignorant darkies in his community. He can’t stand when they are out of his control. Al Burgess is a community organizer. When Al’s sheep see a black man succeeding then they know Al is full of sh*t with his racist garbage. Successful black people minimize the power of community organizers like Barack Obama and Al,” Whitfield then said in the comments, according to screen captures.

Whitfield was referencing Al Burgess, a member of the Jacksonville Planning Advisory Board and a former Onslow County NAACP Branch president…

In a statement, he complained that he was the victim of “political tactics.”

“Harming the lives of any person will never produce a solution,” Whitfield wrote. “It is clear that the liberal theme to destroy the lives of conservative minded individuals as a political tactic is in full operation during this school board race.”

Poor, poor victim. He’s being so persecuted! It’s so unfair to hold white people to account for their racist statements. How dare those liberals oppress this poor man!

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