Centcom Commander: Taliban Not Following Agreement They Signed

Centcom Commander: Taliban Not Following Agreement They Signed March 12, 2020

To hear Trump tell it, the agreement he made with the Taliban was the greatest deal in the history of deals. But as usual, reality and the view of the military leaders is quite the opposite. The head of the Central Command, which oversees our efforts in Afghanistan, says the Taliban is not living up to that agreement as attacks continue.

The US commander for the Middle East and Afghanistan has said the Taliban are not keeping “their part of the bargain” from the deal signed with the US earlier this month, saying the insurgents were continuing to launch attacks.

Marine Gen Frank McKenzie was giving evidence to Congress on Tuesday, hours after US forces began pulling out of Afghanistan as agreed in the 29 February deal, and as talks between Taliban and government representatives were due to begin.

“The Taliban need to keep their part of the bargain, and they are continuing attacks,” McKenzie, the head of US Central Command, said. “They are not directed against coalition forces, they are not occurring in city centers, they are occurring at isolated checkpoints. But those attacks are occurring, and they’re not consistent with a movement toward a negotiated settlement, and they’re not consistent with the undertaking they made.”

He also said he doubts they will cut ties with Al Qaeda. Of course they won’t. They share an ideological agenda. Trump will continue to paint a rosy picture and declare it a victory, but as usual his argument will be at odds with reality.

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