Looks Like Another White Supremacist in the Air Force

Looks Like Another White Supremacist in the Air Force March 20, 2020

An airman at base in New Mexico has been arrested with a huge cache of weapons and pictures of AR-15 magazines with the names of mass shooters, including a whole bunch of men who targeted minorities. That sure sounds a lot like a white supremacist preparing for a major terrorist attack to me.

Photo by Evan Nesterak: https://www.flickr.com/photos/153804281@N02/36543229556

A U.S. airman assigned to Kirtland Air Force Base is in federal custody after military investigators searching his KAFB residence found a cache of 17 firearms, two silencers, large amounts of ammunition, bomb-making instructions and photos of rifle magazines with the names of mass shooters written on them.

Investigators said in a criminal complaint that Senior Airman Charles Brent Justice, 27, could be a “threat to the general public.”

Justice formally has been charged with possessing a silencer and unlawful importation of a firearm — the silencer he allegedly ordered from a Chinese company.

The photographs found on his cellphone showed the names of mass shooters written on white ink on AR-15 compatible magazines. Included among the names were Alexandre Bissonette, who shot and killed several people at a mosque in Quebec City, Canada, and Luca Traini, who targeted African migrants in Italy.

Other photographs were related to the Christchurch mosque shooting in New Zealand.

Thank goodness they’ve been tracking shipments of illegal weapons out of China or there may be a lot of people now alive who would have been dead.

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