Diamond and Silk: Coronavirus Death Rate Faked to Hurt Trump

Diamond and Silk: Coronavirus Death Rate Faked to Hurt Trump April 1, 2020

Diamond and Silk, two Trump sycophants with a show on Fox Nation, say that the death rate from the coronavirus is being faked in order to hurt Trump politically. They say they predicted that it would go up for that purpose, which is funny because scientists also predicted it would go up because of increased transmission and testing.

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SILK: In a matter of two weeks, over 1,000 people supposedly died from the coronavirus. In a two weeks time period, over 1,000 people after being tested positive have died from the coronavirus. But it took 39 days, from January all the way up to February the 29th I believe —

DIAMOND: For the first person.

SILK: For the first person to die. Here’s another thing —

DIAMOND: Come on.

SILK: Here’s another thing. My president said on March the 24th, Tuesday this past week, my president said that he would love for America to be back up and running.

DIAMOND: I knew this was going to happen. I knew after he said this this was going to happen. Go ahead.

SILK: At the time he said it there was 25,489 cases with 307 deaths. Instantaneously, you had the media calling President Trump out, he wanted open by Easter, he want this open by Easter – me and you was talking, I said now watch the number of deaths go up —


SILK: Watch everything increase because they wanted to make it look bad in front of our eyes.

This is Trumpworld logic. Is there any evidence for their claim? Of course there is! If it’s not true, it would make Trump look bad. Trump cannot look bad because he never does anything wrong. Thus, it’s true that the numbers are fake. It stands to, uh, “reason.”

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