Hovind Blames Child for Death at His Theme Park

Hovind Blames Child for Death at His Theme Park April 4, 2020

Since getting out of prison, creationist fraud Kent Hovind has opened up another theme park, this time in Arkansas. Last month, a 7-year old drowned there and Hovind says that it was the child’s fault, that kids just do “dumb things” and that’s why he’s dead. He also says the boy’s father supports him despite what happened.

“I texted [a Facebook user and] I said, ‘Do you realize 21 people drowned — 31 people drowned — in the
panhandle of Florida so far this year?’” Hovind said in an audio clip flagged by the Godless Engineer. “What are you gonna do, put a fence around the ocean? Come on.”…

“It just happened. You try to avoid all that stuff but… what do you do, you know? Kids do dumb things once in a while.”

“The dad’s thrilled with the ministry. Wants to come back. Gonna support us and all that,” he added. “So tell the skeptics to shut up, get a life.”

No word from the father yet, but given Hovind’s penchant for lying, I’m highly skeptical of that claim.

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