Wingnut Has New Spin on ‘Mark of the Beast’ Conspiracy

Wingnut Has New Spin on ‘Mark of the Beast’ Conspiracy April 5, 2020

I’ve seen more than one crackpot claim that the coronavirus is a hoax designed to make people take a vaccine to stop it and that vaccine will contain a computer record that is the “mark of the beast.” Curt Landry has a bit of a different spin on it, claiming that the vaccine will merely tell “them” who will eventually accept the mark of the beast.

“Do not pray, do not hope, do not think, ‘Oh, praise God they are going to have a vaccine,’” Landry said. “That vaccine is from the pit of Hell. Do not pray for those vaccines, and do not take the vaccine. These vaccines are going to be coming, they are not going to be good. They’re not good for you physically, and spiritually, they’re a set-up for what shall come later.”

Landry warned that “they are going to have a computer record of everybody who does take the vaccine,” which will allow them to know who will later accept the Mark of the Beast.

“In order for them to put the chip in, you are going to have proof and verification that you have had these vaccines,” he said. “If you won’t take the vaccines, then you don’t get the mark, and you can kind of figure out where that goes.”

Yeah, we know where that goes. Wait, I have no idea where that goes. To the pits of hell, perhaps? I have no idea. I doubt he does either.

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