Conservatives Upset that Stimulus Spending Proves Medicare for All is Affordable

Conservatives Upset that Stimulus Spending Proves Medicare for All is Affordable April 7, 2020

Charlie Kirk, founder of right-wing group Turning Point USA, did an interview with the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles and expressed his concern that the trillions spent on economic stimulus, including direct payments to people, shows that Medicare for all and a Universal Basic Income are something we can afford.

Knowles agreed and said that the part of the stimulus package that is “so scary” for conservatives is the “precedent” ​quickly passing trillions in federal spending sets in broader policy debates—especially the element of the stimulus ​package that will give cash directly to adult citizens.

“The sticking point for me is that we are now setting the precedent of the government on a massive scale sending direct checks to people because of a time of crisis,” Knowles said. “Well, look, maybe this is a serious crisis—at least an economic one—but what about the next time?”

Kirk raised his own concern regarding the proposed Medicare for All plan to make health​ care free at the point of service and capping prescription costs at $200 a year for each person.

“Yeah, but Michael, Medicare for All costs $32 trillion, but not $32 trillion a year,” Kirk said.

“That’s right,” Knowles said.

“That number that Bernie said was over 10 years. So now we’ve set a precedent that $3 trillion a year for Medicare for All is not that much,” Kirk said. “In fact, it’s perfectly affordable. UBI [Universal Basic Income], why not do it every quarter? Why not every month?”

Yeah, why not? And that’s with Trump’s massive tax cut reducing revenues and does not include the revenue that would be generated by a tax on financial transactions, as proposed for advocates of Medicare for All. That might well make it revenue neutral, not a deficit-boosting policy.

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