Rohrer Conflates Preachers and Politicians

Rohrer Conflates Preachers and Politicians April 10, 2020

Sam Rohrer, leader of the American Pastors Network, clearly doesn’t understand the difference between a preacher and a politician. Elected leaders, he claims, are supposed to represent God and point the people to worship rather than to pass public policy. And he ignorantly says the founding fathers believed the same thing.

Credit to Chris Phan:

Rohrer said that when he served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, he learned that, according to the Bible, he was to serve in that capacity as “a minster of God” and as “God’s servant.”

“When somebody understands that they are a servant of God, then they can understand how they are to serve the people,” Rohrer said. “I understood that being in office meant not just being a servant of God but actually meant in my capacity was to point people to God, lead them in worship to the God of Heaven. Our founders understood that.”

“Those in office are ministers of God in location in that venue, jurisdiction, called civil authority, but God also calls those in the pulpit as ministers of God,” Rohrer added. “That’s when God laid on our heart of ministers together because biblically, the pulpit is to be connected with input to those in office and those in office, I can tell you, long to hear from the input of those who are in the pulpit. Ministers of God together—that is truly ministers together and that is God’s pattern.”

I love when people talk about the founding fathers as a single monolithic group that all agreed. Which of the founders believed that the job of elected politicians was to lead people in worship of God? Washington? Nope. Adams? Nope. Jefferson? Nope. Madison? Nope. That’s the first four presidents. Franklin? Nope. The only one who even comes close is Patrick Henry, and he was opposed to the passage of the Constitution. Rohrer is stuffed full of bovine excrement.

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