FDA Tells Alex Jones to Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Cures

FDA Tells Alex Jones to Stop Selling Fake Coronavirus Cures April 11, 2020

Professional grifter Alex Jones has been selling fake coronavirus cures, including a magic toothpaste. The Food and Drug Administration has ordered him to stop doing so or they will take legal action to force him and possibly make him pay back his marks…I mean customers. I’m sure the deep state, Trilateral Commission, Bildeburgers, Hillary and Soros are behind this.

The Food and Drug Administration warned right-wing media personality Alex Jones to stop making false coronavirus claims about products touted and sold by his websites or face legal action and a possible order to pay back consumers.

The agency late today pointed to a range of misleading videos posted to Jones’ website, InfoWars, that promote unproven silver products including toothpaste as possible coronavirus treatments…

Jones has claimed the products sold on InfoWars, which have no evidence behind them, can “boost your immune system.” He said in March said the wound gel and two toothpastes are “on record taking out viruses and bacteria.”

The FDA has warned against colloidal silver, especially fake claims about the coronavirus.

FDA and the Federal Trade Commission gave the InfoWars founder 48 hours to respond to their warning and threatened to seize products or take legal action if he did not.

And Jones is the victim of yet another dark conspiracy.

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