Howard-Browne Easter Service a Conspiracy Theory Fest

Howard-Browne Easter Service a Conspiracy Theory Fest April 15, 2020

Fresh from jail for defying the state’s prohibition against large gatherings at his church, Trump fan and conspiracy nut Rodney Howard-Browne held an Easter service online from his home. It was one big conspiracy festival — GMOs, chemtrails, fluoride in the water. He pretty much hit them all.

“I began to pray to the Lord, I said, ‘Lord, how is it that we can protect the congregation from the stuff that they are bombarded with?’” Howard-Browne said. “If you know anything about the food supply, they’ve got all the GMOs in it … It’s not even a food, it’s a chemical. That is what’s killing our people.”

“And then the water supply,” he continued. “The water supply that’s in many of the cities, it’s got fluoride in the water. Fluoride in the water. Fluoride is not there to protect your teeth. Fluoride causes cancer. Fluoride lowers people’s I.Q. Fluoride makes people passive.”

“And then the stuff they spray in the air,” Howard-Browne added. “People are poisoned everyday through the food supply, they’re poisoned through vaccines, injections, their poisoned through the food they eat, the water they drink, even the sodas they drink—and I can go on and on and on—and then the air. If they’re not poisoned through the food and the water, they’re poisoned through the air.”

He did miss the Bildeburgers and the Illuminati. Falling down on the job.

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