Wingnut: Liberals Have the Constitution Because Satan Does Too

Wingnut: Liberals Have the Constitution Because Satan Does Too April 23, 2020

Wingnut Alex MacFarland says that liberals hate the Constitution because Satan, of whom they are unwitting pawns, hates it too. And he hates it because it’s part of a larger spiritual battle and, for the first time, grounds our rights in the belief in God. In fact, every charter up to that point did the same thing.

Credit to Chris Phan:

“The hate for the Constitution is a spiritual issue,” McFarland said. “Satan hates America. Why? Because over the last 242 years, the greatest engine for not only creating personal freedom and prosperity, empowering people, the creation of wealth, but the greatest contributor to world missions—the Great Commission—has been the United States of America.”

“The devil and his operatives—and many people are Satan’s pawns, and they don’t even know it—some of these secularists, some of the immoral entertainment figures, some of these politicians, they don’t even know that they are a pawn in the hand of Satan,” he continued. “But Satan hates the Constitution, his operatives by extension do. Why? Because the Constitution, for the first time in world history, said your rights come from an eternal God, and you have worth as a human … People hate the Constitution because the Constitution liberates, empowers, and defends the ones made in God’s image.”

In fact, every state charter up to that point was a covenant with God. What made the U.S. Constitution different was in allowing non-Christians to hold public office, something seen as an evil defect by the Christian right of that day. They said it would bring down the wrath of God. Ir was one of the primary reasons for opposition to the Constitution at the time.

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