Q Anon Supporter Predicts Arrest of Comey, Others by May 5th

Q Anon Supporter Predicts Arrest of Comey, Others by May 5th May 8, 2020

Q Anon supporter Ann Vandersteel said that her sources — the voices in her head, one presumes — told her that James Comey, John Brennan and several others would be arrested by May 5th, which is apparently a very important day in Q Anon land for some weird reason. Clearly she was wrong.

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“Last night I got a phone call from a source who to me has never been wrong and is saying that Comey will be arrested on Sunday, Clapper Monday, Brennan Tuesday,” Vandersteel said. “And when I say Comey, it’s the proverbial ‘we’ of Comey—it’s the [Andrew] McCabe, [Peter] Strzok, [Lisa] Page, the people that worked under James Comey. Clapper and his Department of Homeland Security minions, and Brennan and his minions over at the [CIA] will be arrested on Tuesday.”

“We start this on 5/3, and we end these arrests on 5/5,” she added. “So for you Q folks out there, 5/5 means a lot in this world, and to have those three rounded up by 5/5 is pretty, pretty important.”

Apparently Cinco de Mayo matters a lot to Q Anon supporters. I have no idea why.

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