Gorka, DeGenova Attack Judge in Flynn Case

Gorka, DeGenova Attack Judge in Flynn Case May 14, 2020

Right-wing nuts Sebastian Gorka, Joseph DeGenova and Victoria Toensing launched a vicious attack on the judge in the Michael Flynn case, calling him a “bipolar schizophrenic” for asking the prosecutors why Flynn wasn’t being charged with treason. They say they hate when someone accuses another person of treason. No mention of all their fellow Trump supporters continually accusing people of treason.

JOE DIGENOVA: He wants to embarrass Flynn. He’s already called him a traitor.


DIGENOVA: He’s asked the government if he may have committed treason which is a disgusting thing for a federal judge to do. I think there’s something wrong with Sullivan.

GORKA: Well, I think —

DIGENOVA: I think he’s — he’s not — he’s not at Biden’s level, but —

VICTORIA TOENSING: I was just going to say that.

DIGENOVA: But it’s pretty clear he doesn’t even know the facts in his own case.

GORKA: Well, not only that —

DIGENOVA: Can you imagine saying, asking the prosecutors from Mueller’s office “Why wasn’t he prosecuted for treason?” For heavens’ sakes, he doesn’t even know the facts in the record?

GORKA: Or what treason is.

TOENSING: Yeah, I mean, I hate people who accuse treason —

GORKA: And then the same day, the same day apologizing? That’s a bipolar schizophrenic.

DIGENOVA: Yeah. Yeah, no, I think what you are watching is someone who goes up and down emotionally and mentally about a case.

GORKA: Right, right.

That’s funny, because in 20117 Gorka accused Hillary Clinton of being guilty of treason. And in 2018 he accused Obama of treason. Seems his outrage is rather selective.

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