Trump Lies About Fake Polls, Rejects Real Polls

Trump Lies About Fake Polls, Rejects Real Polls May 24, 2020

In a pair of tweets, Trump invented a non-existent poll about his popularity within the Republican party and simultaneously rejected a real Fox News poll that showed far lower popularity within the GOP. Ironically, he referred to Fox News as propaganda. The fake poll he invented:

He doesn’t offer a source for the purported poll number because there is literally no evidence that a source exists. For more than a year, Trump’s just occasionally shared random assessments of his popularity within his party, never offering any explanation for where the figure came from.

In fact, he’s painting himself into a corner, as we reported last month. In January 2019, he started claiming that his approval with Republicans was 93 percent. Last summer, he cranked it up to 94 percent. Then, as impeachment loomed and he sought to keep Republicans in line, it climbed to 95 percent. A month ago, under fire for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, he decided he’d hit 96 percent.

And the real poll:

Real polling shows that Trump’s approval with Republicans, while high, is substantially less than 96 percent. A poll from Fox News published on Thursday has his approval with Republicans at 85 percent — high, but significantly lower than what Trump presents.

A typical lie from Trump and the fake world he has invented.

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