Hoft Wants FBI Disbanded for Talking About White Supremacist Threat

Hoft Wants FBI Disbanded for Talking About White Supremacist Threat June 27, 2020

Jim Hoft, often described as the dumbest man on the internet, says the FBI should be disbanded for claiming that white supremacists pose a serious threat of violence to the nation.

Photo by Evan Nesterak: https://www.flickr.com/photos/153804281@N02/36543229556

“WHAT A JOKE,” Hoft’s headline declared.

In the accompanying article, Hoft repeatedly attacked the FBI and its director Christopher Wray, whom ​right-wing activists have publicly and privately pressured ​Trump to fire​ over the agency’s conduct during its investigation into Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser. Hoft only attacked Wray and the FBI, ignoring the other two agencies involved in the issuance of the bulletin.

“Despite the mass looting and violence by the left Chris Wray’s FBI sent out a memo warning white supremacists pose the greatest risk of violence,” Hoft wrote. “What a disgrace.”

“Maybe it’s time to disband the FBI,” Hoft stated. “It’s become a joke.”

The FBI’s findings are consistent with that of other law enforcement agencies. Federal investigators have found little evidence to support claims from Trump and his supporters that anti-fascist activists have organized violent action at protests for George Floyd. ​That hasn’t stopped right-wing media outlets and politicians ​from circulat​ing dangerous disinformation about the protests, resulting in proliferation of antifa scare hoaxes and the targeting of innocent civilians. The Daily Beast reported last week the first 22 criminal complaints related to protests charges did not mention anti-fascism in any way.

Seems like a consistent them of stupidity for Hoft.

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