Landry: Statue Removal is God’s Judgment on Illuminati

Landry: Statue Removal is God’s Judgment on Illuminati July 9, 2020

Right wing pastor Curt Landry has a ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>unique take on the removal of offensive monuments around the country. He says it’s proof that God is judging America and the influence of freemasonry and the Illuminati.

Copyright by Christopher DOMBRES under a Creative Commons license.

“God is judging right now,” Landry said. “He is judging America, and the first root that he is taking the axe to right now is Freemasonry. Across the board it’s Freemasonry. Go ahead, do the research on most of these statues that are being cut down and destroyed, these are Freemasons. There’s a Freemasonry thing that’s going on whether anyone knows it or not.”

“The second root of it is the globalist agenda, and they’re all Freemasons,” he continued. “So you have a globalist one-world agenda and that’s being judged. … The globalists are totally being judged by God and they’re being exposed.”

“The second thing that you’re seeing, and it pretty much started at the last Super Bowl, it’s the Illuminati,” Landry added. “This is a secret organization, and they don’t like to be high profile, but isn’t it amazing [that] they’re also connected to Freemasonry? Isn’t it interesting now that all this Illuminati stuff and these different people who are involved in the Illuminati all of a sudden are like, hey, their skirts are getting lifted, and all this stuff is being exposed?”

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