Wallnau: Left is Bringing out the Guillotines Next

Wallnau: Left is Bringing out the Guillotines Next July 11, 2020

Trump-loving crackpot Lance Wallnau says that the creation of an autonomous zone in Seattle called the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” proves that the left is preparing to drag out the guillotines.

While urging President Donald Trump to run for reelection on the message that he is “the only thing standing between the destruction of America and its survival,” Wallnau declared that those who oppose Trump worship a “counterfeit religion” and have been made stupid by their sin. He then likened the Seattle’s autonomous zone—also known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)—to the French Revolution.

“I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to get worse [in] September and October,” he said. “But that’s OK because God’s revealing the fruit and the root of what’s going on. And if that’s the America that America votes for, then it’s too stupid to steward the bank account God gave it. … I think that sin makes you dumb. And I believe right now that the people that are delirious with their social justice crusade—which is a counterfeit religion, it’s a pharisaic religion—so their religious zeal is like the reign of terror; you get the guillotine out and start chopping off heads.”

“By the way, you know that zone in Seattle that was called CHOP?” Wallnau continued. “Do you know why it was called CHOP? It was called CHOP for the guillotine, because they were like prophesying that if you don’t get in line, your head gets chopped off.”

All of these predictions have a purpose. If they can pretend that the other side is going to do horrible things to them, they can justify doing horrible things themselves.

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