Trump to Weaken Environmental Law Yet Again

Trump to Weaken Environmental Law Yet Again July 16, 2020

Trump is still hellbent on undermining the nation’s environmental laws, moving to suspend the National Environmental Policy Act so that federal infrastructure projects can be greenlighted without having to go through environmental review.

President Trump on Wednesday is set to unilaterally weaken one of the nation’s bedrock conservation laws, the National Environmental Policy Act, limiting public review of federal infrastructure projects to speed up the permitting of freeways, power plants and pipelines.

In doing so, the Trump administration will claim hundreds of millions of dollars of savings over almost a decade by significantly reducing the amount of time allowed to complete reviews of major infrastructure projects, according to two people familiar with the new policy.

The White House confirmed that the president plans to announce the final changes to the rule at an afternoon event at the U.P.S. Hapeville Airport Hub in Atlanta. Mr. Trump will make the case that lengthy permit processes have held up major infrastructure projects across the country, including a lane expansion to Interstate 75 in Georgia.

Revising the 50-year-old law through regulatory reinterpretation is one of the biggest deregulatory actions of the Trump administration, which to date has moved to roll back 100 rules protecting clean air and water, and others that aim to reduce the threat of human-caused climate change.

But he’s won awards as an environmentalist. Just ask him.

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