Breath is spirit and breath has guided me through life. I’ve always been a traveller, but travel with a cause.. because it enriches and en-light-ens me. As a child I felt the connection between all life, particularly in nature and in churches.

This took me on a journey of study through ecology and marine biology, leading to a career in environmental sciences. It became evident to me that the environment needed to be valued, which gives rise to protection. I realised that spiritual healing and connection is vital to seeing the value in our natural environment.

First of all, I had to start with myself and this led me to techniques and to many sacred sites across the world. I rediscovered life force energy that I had felt as a child. Ancient traditions refer to this life force energy as spiritus, prana, chi or mana. Both inner journeying and outer journeying are transformational. Join me on the journey of mysterium spiritus..