October 2, 2017

I know, you saw the title and then started your “response blog.” You’ll come back here and pull quotes, but you won’t actually read the whole thing. Perhaps you’re too far gone for dialectics. But I hope not. And that hope is why I write more than a title. Your first line is “David Smalley is categorizing everyone he disagrees with as “The Left!” And you’re already wrong. In fact, I think most people who are left of center (like… Read more

July 14, 2017

A guest post from comedian and actor, Jay Mohr, talking directly to atheists, after his appearance on Dogma Debate. You may recognize him from one of his many movies, televised comedy specials, Saturday Night Live, his tenure as a sports talk radio host, or as the original host of Last Comic Standing on NBC. But when I see Jay Mohr, I see the coolest, and most hilariously down-to-earth Christian I’ve ever been able to call “friend.” I obviously disagree with… Read more

June 19, 2017

We’re eating our own. We’re destroying our message. We’re disintegrating. Read more

January 28, 2017

Perhaps Liberals don’t want atheists on their team anymore. In fact, more nonbelievers and the religiously unaffiliated are identifying as Libertarian, Independent, and even Conservative than ever before. Why? Because the vast majority of skeptics are reasonable people, who quickly identify hyperbole and extremism, and avoid it like the plague. Many of us grew up in very religious households, watching the sheep mentality destroy relationships because facts didn’t matter, and emotional appeals were rampant. We’ve rejected the ultimate authoritarian dictator,… Read more

January 14, 2017

Censorship is not the way to go. Read more

August 20, 2016

Remember when our friends could be wrong? I do. Lots of my friends were idiots growing up. Hell, I was that idiot a few times. But we stuck by each other, we worked through our issues, and we grew together. Sometimes, years later, we’d look back at things we did and apologize for being assholes. How is that possible? Because we were still there to say I’m sorry. But why did we stick it out? Because we were all we… Read more

July 2, 2016

An atheist & LGBT ally sides with Christian Mingle on not having a gay option. Read more

June 25, 2016

An admitted gun nut from Texas cracks down on the excuses of NRA supporters with high-powered assault rifles, and offers legislation that could fix the issue on both sides. Read more

June 14, 2016

All of you Christians talking about anti-gay Islam? Let’s talk. Read more

June 10, 2016

1.     Suppose you are God. You created evil and calamity (Isaiah 45:7). When horrible things happen to your creation, you watch and do nothing. When a human steps in to solve the problem, you take the credit and demand to be praised. And you expect me to die and spend eternity worshipping the only being who was powerful enough to prevent the suffering, yet chose not to? It’s much more logical to assume that no god exists, and this book was… Read more

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