Is The Alt-Left Creating Conservative Atheists?

Is The Alt-Left Creating Conservative Atheists? January 28, 2017

Perhaps Liberals don’t want atheists on their team anymore.

In fact, more nonbelievers and the religiously unaffiliated are identifying as Libertarian, Independent, and even Conservative than ever before.

Why? Because the vast majority of skeptics are reasonable people, who quickly identify hyperbole and extremism, and avoid it like the plague.

Many of us grew up in very religious households, watching the sheep mentality destroy relationships because facts didn’t matter, and emotional appeals were rampant.

We’ve rejected the ultimate authoritarian dictator, in exchange for the realization that most issues contain more nuance than is visible on the surface. So we want more information based in reality, with as little emotion, hyperbole, and extremism as possible.

The way liberals are headed right now, by eating our own, and thriving on in-fighting, is driving reasonable people away.

1.  open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
2. (of education) concerned mainly with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.
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For years, I’ve labeled myself, my views, and my show ‘liberal.’ But that might not be the case any longer.

Am I changing? Or is the regressive left becoming so fogged in emotion, that they can’t see the division caused by their own extremism? 

I’ve always considered myself liberal because I use the basic definitions above. But I’m starting to wonder if the current overzealous social justice atmosphere and the new rise of ‘Liberals’ really fits me.

No, that’s not a pejorative. Many of us are for ‘social justice’ in the literal sense, including me. Most of us want equality, and I know of no one who is for social injustice.

We’ve been moving in the direction of progress for years. And I’ve been labeled an ‘SJW’ by extreme conservatives who think it insults me. It doesn’t.

But the extreme ways of going about so-called “progress” right now, are just baffling to me. And seem to be taking us backwards as a civilization.

And I want out.

As the definition above states, I’m certainly open to new behavior and willing to discard traditional values, if it means making progress as a society. So I feel like I’m liberal, but am A Liberal in the modern sense?

Because I’m starting to feel alone.

I’m pro-choice, pro-marijuana, and pro-medically accurate sex education. I’m pro-science, anti-creationism, pro-death with dignity, anti-religious privilege, but pro-religious choice.

I’m anti-bullying, and pro-marriage equality, while being pro-free speech, even for assholes and bigots.

And this is what seems to set me apart from many self-described liberals.

I have no sacred cows. We’re obviously not “better together” if that means rioting with people I disagree with and ignoring Hillary’s corruption. I can’t.

As an atheist, I fight against religious corruption every day, but I’m supposed to accept Pastor Hillary and her Church of the DNC without question?

I don’t stand with ‘Her,’ and Bernie was wrong for endorsing ‘Her.’ I was wrong for voting for ‘Her.’ He should have stood his ground, called out the corruption, and refused to take part in the nonsense. As should I. Donald Trump was right about this.

The crazy thing about me is, I’m actually willing to change my mind on an issue and be realistic about the outcome. I’m also willing to tell you about it, even knowing the kind of hyperbolic backlash I’ll receive from name-calling liberal extremists.

So be it. May the Facebook gods bless you with 20 likes this time. That’s the real goal, right?

I’m pro-healthcare for all who need it – but Obamacare has been a burden on my family. I know it’s saved the lives of some people, which means it’s not a complete failure. I’m happy it’s helped someone, but it has also hurt many others I know financially.

From my middle-class prospective, my premiums have skyrocketed, the wait times have been horrendous, my coverage has been horrible and even barely existent in some cases (yet I was counted in the “90% insured!” by Hillary), and I was fined $800 because my coverage lapsed. Thanks Obama. That’s really helping out the middle class in times of need.

I believe our former president had good intentions, but the bickering with Congress made for too many compromises, and now it’s a broken solution to a complicated problem. It doesn’t work for near as many people as we thought it would. I was for it. I’m not anymore. It’s time to try something else.

I know, saying that makes me a “Neocon!” to some of you. Again, have at it.

I’m willing to work hard for what I have, and I believe that those who can work, should. But I also believe that we should pitch in and help those who can’t help themselves. We are civilized, and we should act like it.

As for immigration, I’m in favor a path to citizenship, and deporting undocumented immigrants who commit violent crimes. Imagine, someone having an understanding reasonable compromise for both sides of an issue! The audacity.

Does that make me racist? I’m sure some regressive leftists are already typing their Nazi posts about me. That’s how ridiculous this has become.

What I’m not willing to do, is throw a fit when someone disagrees with me. I’m not willing to attack people who are successful because I’m an entitled child who believes we should all have the same toys.

We should however, have the same opportunities to earn those toys. And some people in this country aren’t necessarily afforded that opportunity, and that needs to change. Again, I stand for equality across the board. Does that make me a Social Justice Warrior?

Some on the Alt-Right might think so, but I take that about as seriously as I do the Alt-Left calling me a Nazi. You’re both insane. I’m just being reasonable.

Demonstrations and protests are important for various reasons. There are times where civil disobedience is necessary. The sit-ins and marches during the Civil Rights Movement in the 60’s, and the Women’s Suffrage March in 1913 are testaments to that fact.

But do we change hearts by setting things on fire, smashing windows, or punching someone during a live television interview? Some liberals think so, and I’m not in your camp.

Violent actions, whether it be against people, or property, should be condemned by all reasonable humans who want real change in a civilized society. When you advocate for violence, and attack those on your own side for not following you into extremism, you alienate millions of actual progressives who agree with your core message, but will absolutely refuse to stand with you in 2 years when the mid-term elections come around.

How effective will you be then, when you’ve called all other progressives (who don’t advocate for punching Nazis), “racists” and you’re standing there by yourself at the voting booth, losing again?

Will you still think you’ve been reasonable and unifying?

It’s incredible to me that so many liberal activists who are stomping on cars and bashing windows, tout MLK as an inspiration. Do you honestly think he’d support these actions?

Carrying signs like “Kill Your Local Rapist” during a Women’s March against Trump doesn’t make your points valid. It doesn’t affect change. It doesn’t make the ‘liberal stance’ seem like a reasonable one to unite others.

It makes reasonable liberals want to look for a different team. And I’m looking.

And by the way, me saying “killing your local rapist doesn’t help matters,” also doesn’t make me a “Rapist Sympathizer.” But many liberals will shout that from the rooftops. And by rooftops, I mean Facebook. Have at it.

It becomes regressive, and you begin to split the left in two. I can’t stand with you when you’re acting this way. And that divides and weakens progressive goals, which are attainable with the right methods.

You’re losing me. And it’s happening fast.

If you’re far right, thinking Trump can do no wrong, and is justified in his immature behavior, mocking the disabled, and his reckless use of 5th grade insults on twitter, I’m not on board with you.

And if you’re far left, thinking that smearing period blood on signs and punching a Nazi on TV is going to bring about change, I’m not with you, either.

This concept of extremes on both sides is pushing me, and millions of other reasonable people, further to the middle, looking at the rest of you like you’ve lost your minds, and our votes.

And no, that’s not “my privilege blinding me,” it’s my understanding of what changes hearts and policies in reality; and it’s not sucker punches, violent threats, and hissy fits with fires.

It’s unification and peace. It’s voting as a bloc, not with corruption. It’s using reason and logic in the face of unreasonable tyranny. Not causing chaos and safety concerns in our streets and universities, forcing small business owners to file insurance claims because your adrenaline was pumping.

There is a way to unite, and this isn’t it.

If the majority of reasonable progressives want to keep this thing together, you need to unite under reality, let cooler heads prevail, and stop letting the extremists pretend to speak for you. Your silence is acceptance of their hyperbole.

When I say things like this, challenging both extremes of an argument and trying to find reasonable middle ground to resolve these issues, do you know who attacks my character, curses at me, calls me names, blocks me, and lies about me using hyperbolic insults on social media?

It’s not conservatives.

Image by: Photospin © 2017

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