How the Left is Killing Language

How the Left is Killing Language October 2, 2017

I know, you saw the title and then started your “response blog.” You’ll come back here and pull quotes, but you won’t actually read the whole thing.680_3397385

Perhaps you’re too far gone for dialectics. But I hope not. And that hope is why I write more than a title.

Your first line is “David Smalley is categorizing everyone he disagrees with as “The Left!”

And you’re already wrong.

In fact, I think most people who are left of center (like myself), will agree with the majority of what I’ll say here. They’re just silent. Because they don’t want to be the focus of the next mob attack.

Remember when we didn’t mind that?

Remember when we would rise up together to fight against religious privilege and demand equality for everyone, even though it was the unpopular opinion?

Remember when we were the voice of tolerance?

Remember when we welcomed discussions with people we disagreed with?

What happened to you? Why do you now sit, watching the injustice unfold and scroll past it?

Nazi, Rapist, Sexual Predator, Token, Racist, Fascist, Bigot, White Supremacist… at one time, these were major insults. But thanks to the Screeching Left, they’re becoming meaningless.

It’s like we’ve learned nothing from The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

But the issue runs much deeper. You’re actually diminishing the plight of true victims by doing this, thereby alienating the very people you’re pretending to protect.

Here’s what is unfolding:

Ben Carson, Stacey Dash, and Sheriff Clark: all three of whom are black, were labeled as “White Supremacists” for supporting Trump.

Gad Saad: a Jew, was labeled as “a Nazi” for standing up for free speech, even for those with whom he disagrees.

Candace Owens: (AKA Red Pill Black) a black woman, was charged with “perpetuating rape culture” for saying that a judge in a rape case shouldn’t receive death threats, and she was labeled a “Coon” for supporting Trump.

David Webb: a black conservative talk show host, was called “a token, self-hating Uncle Tom,” for being a Fox News contributor.

Lindsay Kirkman: a woman, was labeled as a “sociopathic misogynist” for saying that men shouldn’t be forced to stand for a pregnant woman who wants his seat on public transportation.

These insults didn’t come from conservatives. But from intolerant people on the left who throw ad-hominem attacks around instead of having conversations.

Now, I don’t necessarily agree with every one of their statements or positions, and I’m certainly not a Trump supporter. But labeling these people as Nazis, misogynists, tokens, and Uncle Toms, for having different opinions on basic social or political issues, is just absurd.

Name-calling shuts down conversations.

You’re sucking the power out of those words. And we still need them for actual people who fit the descriptions.

I was at a “skeptic conference” recently, where a Black Lives Matter activist gave a talk. She shouted from the stage “White people, you’re not welcome at our meetings! Stop asking to come to our meetings!” She went on to give specific instructions to white allies: “Get your own damn people, and tell them to stop being racists! But no, you cannot come to our meetings anymore, so stop asking!”

I thought to myself, “Giving me specific instructions, and not allowing me to join your meeting based on my skin color, seems to be everything I thought we were fighting against.”

Is this not prejudiced? Is this not discrimination? Is this not segregation?

My concerns were about her ideas, not about her as a person.

Are you fighting for equality, or are you fighting to become the new oppressor, dictating who goes where, and who does what, based on race alone?

And even still, I didn’t make up my mind about the entire Black Lives Matter movement based on her discriminatory rants. I’ve seen other speakers representing BLM which I admire, make a ton of sense. I think she speaks for herself, and many within BLM likely disagree with her.

And that’s ok.

So even though it angered me, and screamed of contradiction, I didn’t call her names. I’m not labeling her as a racist, event though I think her views are toxic.

And I’m not making general statements about the organization she claimed to represent. She’s one person, and she’s entitled to be wrong, and even hateful.

I wouldn’t block an entrance to a talk she’s giving. I just wouldn’t go.

In a recent interview with Dave Rubin, Candace Owens talked about her grandfather, who was branded in the face by the KKK. She adds “I know real racism.”

There are actually people who want to see women held back. There are men who hate the idea of women having power. Those are misogynists. Not pro-life women, or women who think men should be able to keep their seat. They just disagree with you. This doesn’t make them monsters.

So when you call someone a “racist” for having a different interpretation on the Evergreen College issue with Brett Weinstein, or shut Jewish Professor Gad Saad down by calling him a Nazi, or saying that a black person is a “Token, White Supremacist” for supporting Trump, you’re just wasting the terms and making them meaningless.

With every Classical Liberal or Conservative or Libertarian that you call a Nazi, you’re diminishing the plight of every Jew who faced actual Nazis in the Holocaust.

When a man has too much to drink and says inappropriate things to a woman, and even tries to make a move—and then you label him a rapist, you’re diminishing the plight of actual victims of rape and sexual assault who were violently attacked, and have to live with that trauma every day.

When a waiter calls you “beautiful” as they hand you a drink, you may be annoyed, but you weren’t a victim of sexual harassment, and that’s not evidence that this guy was a “sexual predator.”

When I do a blog post that has the line “Black Lives Matter and cops have really tough jobs” and the first response blog says “David Smalley is attacking BLM supporters” you’ve jumped the shark. No one can take you seriously.

When you immediately discount a video inside an ANTIFA rally, because it came from an ANTIFA Spoof account, you’ve stopped thinking critically. The video can still be true, even though the account is a parody. Just saying “it’s doctored!” without evidence, doesn’t make it so.

When someone says “I disagree with Nazis too, but maybe we shouldn’t punch people for talking,” and you label that person a Fascist, and then advocate for punching people, you’re actually displaying Fascism, which is the forcible suppression of opposition. Oh, the irony.

Is this the new Left? Redefining terms to fit our desired claim? Again, I thought we were against that.

It’s like this new idea of “Extreme Leftism” is becoming a reactionary, jump-to-conclusions ideology, that I just can’t get behind.

I’m definitely not a conservative. So this leaves me wondering…

Do I leave the Left, or can we take the Left back from those screeching us into absurdity?

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