CharlieandtheTortoiseTiny Thinkers: Charlie and the Tortoise Hardcover

by MJ Mouton (Author), Cara Santa Maria (Author), David Smalley (Editor), Jezreel S. Cuevas (Illustrator)

Copyright: January 2016
Publisher: Secular Media Group, LLC

Summary: As with all Tiny Thinkers, Charlie grows up to be a famous, real-life scientist! Read about his adventure to see how it all happened!


BaptizedAtheistBaptized Atheist


by David Smalley (Author), David Eller (Author), David C. Smalley (Narrator)


“As a firm believer, I began having doubts. Doubts about faith, and doubts about believers not asking questions. I embarked on a journey to get closer to God. Perhaps I became too close. What I saw changed my life forever.”

This new audio version comes with a few extras and the author’s rants.


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